The challenges that 2020 has brought for restaurants and businesses are undeniable. Many restaurants decided to use home delivery applications in order to keep their doors open, but they were often confronted with a new headache in the process. They have had to alter their cost structure to allow for commission payments up to 30%. In the meantime, these commission payments may be considered worth it in that they can keep their door open, but they do not get customer data in the process and thus have to continue to work harder and entice people to want to order their food. By setting up the capabilities for takeout and delivery from your website means you get to keep the revenue in the process.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the main obstacle restaurants faced was the lack of online footprints. From a consumer standpoint, there was a vast lack of digitization, including order and payment management, and almost no restaurants had more than a one-page website to showcase their menu and location for potential customers. COVID has caused restaurants across the US to realize that their profitability lies in learning to facilitate the digitization of their business, creating a way for customers to place orders online. These restaurants have also had to turn to marketing strategies in order to ensure sales and future profitability. A study on the rise of online ordering systems revealed that 51% of Americans have used a restaurant delivery service to purchase meals, and 26% of those individuals order at least once a week.

COVID has required the restaurant industry to expand.

COVID has required the restaurant industry to adapt and ramp up outdoor dining, curbside pickup, and adoption of digitalization to stay afloat. We understand that it has been scary for these businesses as they have been required to make these changes in order to succeed.

COVID has personally given us at Momentum3 the opportunity to help restaurants and businesses create an online presence and take businesses to the next level. In an era of right now or never, customers have come to expect access to whatever they want, whenever they want, all at their fingertips. Online ordering was on the rise before COVID, but it has become even more important to businesses to find success in its wake.

Over the past several months, since COVID began, we have been keeping track of our successes, and we want to share recommendations with you that will not only help your business to survive, but these tips will help your business to soar by creating a valuable source of online revenue.

Commitment to comprehensive digitization services.

Digital ordering and delivery were on the rise before the pandemic but has become even more critical now. The use of third-party delivery systems have increased, but this has led to a loss in profit for restaurants as the third party commission seems astronomical for most small restaurants to continually pay. By choosing to set up your restaurants own online ordering system, you can ensure that you have a checkout process that is designed to convert, create a customer experience that drives repeat business, and provide a secure (and seamless) checkout process, thus owning your profits and your customer relationships in the process.

If you are seeking a company to help you create a zero-commission service that allows you to have full website branding to convert visitors, offer promos, and increase your revenue, we can help. At Momentum3, we have comprehensive solutions that will not only help you create a website with an online point of sale, but we include business accelerator services that help you focus on digital marketing, thus positioning your brand in the market while helping you to increase sales.

It is important to note that not all companies have these capabilities and inclusive packages, so it is imperative to ensure whatever company you can help you fully get your digitization off the ground running and not just set you up with the basics.

Allocate as little starting capital as possible and be wise in your investment.

Going digital does not mean you have to spend excessive amounts of money and risk the profitability of your business, but we do want to suggest putting your money where your strategy is. If your strategy is to better market yourself by setting up an online presence that offers ordering capabilities that is integrated with secure payment options, then do your research. Don’t choose to settle for the best-known solutions; explore all of your options, and choose platforms that best suit your monetary needs and productive capacity. At Momentum3, we believe in upfront, honest, transparent pricing, and using technology services to help accelerate your company’s growth. We have the expertise to help your company rise to the forefront of your industry.

Create a community.

Being successful in adopting technology into your business does not end with a website that allows for online ordering. In order to truly be successful in this day and age, it’s necessary to invite your customers to join you through your digital channels. Having online channels where community is created is crucial for your brand.

We previously wrote an article entitled Why Branding is Important. If you are unsure if your business needs to spend time on branding, we want to encourage you to read that article. You can access it by clicking here.

Remember to continue to evolve.

This new digital era requires you to continuously reassess the way you are doing business and connecting with your customers. Choosing the right approach to adaptation and growth is difficult but necessary. Taking the first step with a website that offers online ordering capabilities is key, but don’t make the mistake of assuming it ends there. Pay attention to your competitors, listen to your customers, and continue to push your business forward.

Are you ready to Rev Up your business?

The new normal for our world will increasingly continue to rely on digital methods, and the restaurant industry should not expect to escape this trend. The important thing is to bet on comprehensive digital services that accompany your business and help you continue growing in the process. At Momentum3, we want to give you the tools you need to take your hospitality online and acquire more customers in the process. All it takes is one conversation to see if Momentum3 is right for your business. Schedule your free consultation today!