Technology is not slowing down, and in turn, it is proving to be a core part of businesses throughout the world. So are you risking your business by utilizing outdated technology daily? You might be surprised to learn that you can take your business to the next level by updating your technology, bypassing competition in the process.

So, how do you know if your technology is outdated? Let’s break down the eight signs you should look for.

8 Signs Your Business is Using Outdated Technology

  1. Is your company growing rapidly?

If your business is snowballing, you are probably aware of how many changes you have made to keep up with the growing demand. Of course, your technology plays a role in that. The better your software and systems, the easier it will be to protect your client data and ensure your information is organized for optimum productivity.

  1. Do your computers take a while to boot up?

We hear this issue a lot. You turn on your computer, and it takes what seems like forever before you can access the documents or data you need because the boot-up process takes too long. But, it doesn’t have to be this way.

The more client information or customer data you have to store on your old, outdated computer, the slower your computer may get in the process.

  1. Have you had an issue with security problems in your organization?

It’s 2021, and technology holds everything for us. Every list, every bank account number, every password, and photo of yours is probably on your phone or computer. When it comes to business data, are you aware that older technology is easier to hack? Which should make you  wonder, how are you working to keep your client’s data safe?

Software should be updated regularly to improve its functionality and ensure your data is secure from cyber-attacks.

  1. When you have an issue with software, are you able to access support?

Have you ever tried to talk to customer support when you have an issue with old software? It can be a complete pain as their knowledge may be limited, or they may not know how to help solve the problem at hand. Do you know why that is? Because they have created new, better software, and they no longer train their employees on the older software solutions.

  1. Do you have access to update your product?

Do you have an iPhone? If you do, it may seem as though every time you turn around, there is an update for your phone or its applications. This allows you to continue to have top-of-the-line technology at your fingertips. However, have you thought, do I even have the option of updating my current business software? Are updates available to me online? If so, this may be an excellent option to get your software running at a faster speed.

  1. Is old technology causing you to fall behind your competitors?

2020 taught us all that keeping up with technology is crucial. Your business should have the capabilities to not only showcase your products and services online, but you should be able to checkout with products or services online as well. We can almost guarantee that your competitors have taken steps to keep up with technology, but have you? According to a Microsoft survey, over 90% of people reported dealing with a company that utilized outdated technology would make them consider taking their business to a competitor. The reason behind their decision are concerns over security, privacy, or general user-friendly convenience.

  1. How often does your computer crash?

Have you had your computer crash on you? One minute you are busy working, and the next minute it freezes or shuts down on its own. It is crucial to create backups of important files to avoid devastation. Keeping your hardware up-to-date will minimize downtime and improve recovery of lost documents and files.

  1. Do you have productivity issues due to outdated technology?

Old technology can slow your productivity by not allowing you to accomplish as much as you need in a timely manner. Your team wants to do their jobs well, and outdated technology could be holding them back, leading to frustration and loss of productivity.

How can you update your business’s technology?

Updating your technology can seem like a daunting task, but rest assured that updated technology is a worthwhile reward. Here are easy and effective ways to update your technology.

Update your operating system.

Do you know those reminders that occasionally pop up on your monitor reminding you to update your applications or drivers? It never fails that they appear when you are in the middle of something important, and you then put off updating them.

We want to encourage you to update your operating system so that your computer will effectively run the newest programs, fix security holes, and improve your operating system’s overall stability.

Streamline and simplify your business with custom software solutions.

To take your business to the next level, it is essential to ensure that your business software accomplishes all things you need for it to do. Sure, there are plenty of off-the-shelf software solutions that can be up and running quickly, but will it fit your organization? Probably not. Off-the-shelf solutions are created for what that company considers a typical business, but your business is not typical. Therefore, instead of utilizing multiple software solutions to streamline your business, it may be more beneficial to create a custom software solution for your business that will target your companies’ specific needs.

In a previous post, we outlined all the Ways that Custom Software Can Help Your Business. Feel free to learn more about custom software solutions there.

Consider Migrating to Microsoft Azure, Cloud Software.

Cloud software is a beautiful way to update your business technology while ensuring that your companies’ data is not lost.  Moving your data to the cloud can be a seamless process with Microsoft Azure and Momentum3.

Azure is a cloud service that allows scalability and flexibility for your hardware, software, and other supporting infrastructures. When your business utilizes Microsoft Azure, you reduce the cost of IT administration because the hardware is being taken care of for you. With data backup, disaster recovery, and high security, choosing a cloud service has never been more crucial.

Choose to digitize and centralize your company’s documents.

If your business has been around a long time, then it’s likely you are still completing the tasks you need to accomplish on pen and paper. Your office may be overflowing with paper files, and it’s time for that to change. Converting paper documents to digital documents will provide many benefits, the most important being that it increases operational efficiency. The most important reason a business should digitize its records is to ensure they will not be lost or damaged, as digital documents will remain accessible.

Invest in a reliable, high-speed network.

Gone are the days of dial-up internet, but when you have multiple computers on the same network, you may find that everyone’s work has slowed down. Investing in fast and reliable internet services will keep your business running smoothly and your employees working efficiently.

Seek to automate business tasks through updated technology.

Modern technology helps you to automate tasks that you otherwise might be spending hours working to accomplish. Workplace automation can help your business eliminate costly errors while streamlining your processes so that employees can complete their work promptly.

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