Digital Advertising Platform Opportunities

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)/Digital Advertising/Sponsored Content… No matter what you call it paying for website traffic is a popular tool to increase one’s business reach and promote products/services in such a way to grow their brand and influence their sales.

Digital Advertising can be a scary monster under the pile of other tasks you have to complete for your business. Believe it or not, it takes consistent monitoring to ensure they don’t stray away from your focus. This is the perfect reason to delegate and hire Momentum3 Growth since we are known for our digital advertising campaigns. We cannot wait to work with you to get your brand discovered!


Achieve brand awareness using a single image or up to 10 in a carousel, eye-catching video, full-screen instant experiences, or through an immersive collection.


Gain more customers by placing your business or product near search results, on popular websites and apps, product searches, YouTube, Gmail and Google Play.


Engage new audiences with compelling stories, a beautiful image or a carousel of curated images, immersive videos, longer permanent video on IGTV, combine formats in a collection, or as they explore new interests.


Reach a professionally oriented audience with promoted sponsored content, inbox messages, as relevant ads alongside feeds, or customized to member profile data.


Find an influential audience and engage them with a fresh video, tweet a poll or promotion, media-rich cards to drive traffic, or a short-term high-impact promoted trend.


Connect your company or product with more cutomers with expanded text ads, targeted search ads, product searches, within Microsoft Network articles, during app installs, and adpatable responsive search ads.

Social Media Advertising


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How Does Digital Advertising Work?

Digital Advertising is a multi-step process. It begins by looking at your brand and identifying ways to make consumers stop and take a second look. People interested in your product/service usually fall into a different layer, almost like a funnel. Consider when you go to the electronics store: The first time you go, you may just be looking around at your options. You return a few days later and evaluate the ones that stood out to you the most. You go home and weigh the pros and cons that you picked out while there today, and then when you return tomorrow, you pick your model and take it home.


Awareness is where customers learn about your brand. They are at the top of the funnel looking for a product or service. Now they know that your brand exists.


Evaluation is the middle of the funnel where prospective customers begin contemplating making a purchase or signing up for your service.


Conversion is the bottom of the funnel. It is the ultimate goal where people take action & buy your product/service.

Digital Advertising Platforms & Targeting

Google Ads

Google Ad Campaigns focus on helping companies create instant results and are capable of having a vast reach. Google ads are the most requested ad type we get from our clients. Full disclosure: we are Google Partners, and we strive to keep our Google Ads team certified and knowledgeable on all things Google.

Your Ad Targeting Options with Google are:

  • Keywords – Keyword-based targeting helps Advertisers to get an audience based on keywords.
  • Customer Match – Target user with a batch of email addresses that we upload to Google.
  • Retargeting – Some agencies report that Facebook gives more results on retargeting ads than Google.
  • Demographic – Google demographic targeting is limited as compared to Facebook.
  • Geo-Targeting – Google geo-targeting is the same as Facebook.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

For a Facebook or Instagram ad campaign to be the correct choice for your business, the result you should be seeking is brand awareness. Facebook and Instagram ads allow it’s campaigns to retarget clientele and to run video ad campaigns that work to entice clientele further to help them learn more about you as an organization.

social media ad analytics
social media ad analytics

Your ad targeting options with Facebook are:

  • Psychographics – Facebook’s target ads on users’ education, workplace, and likes, among others.
  • Retargeting – Facebook gives more results on retaining ads than Google.
  • Demographic – Unlike Google, Facebook demographic targeting is extensive and accurate.
  • Custom Audience – Target users who have already visited your website.
  • Geo-Targeting – Facebook geo-targeting is the same as Google.
social media ad analytics

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn helps both businesses and individuals to build professional connections, which can help your business to grow if your company relies on Business to business sales. LinkedIn ads allow you to tackle three different marketing objectives.

  • Awareness – growing your company or brand audience.
  • Consideration – drive your audience to website visits or increased engagement.
  • Conversions – collect leads that will help to drive website conversions.
social media ad analytics
social media ad analytics

Your Ad Targeting Options with LinkedIn are:

  • Company – Target your ads based on company size, company industry, and company name.
  • Demographic – Choose the best audience based on location, age, and gender.
  • Audience Expansion – Increase reach by showing your ads to audiences with similar attributes to your chosen targeting.
  • Professional – Target ads to job function, collegiate degrees, job title, the field of study, and member skills.
social media ad analytics

Twitter Ads

Twitter campaigns allow businesses to establish leads and they allow you to pay for the performance that you hope to achieve. With Twitter, there is no minimum budget to advertise. In turn, your ads can cost as little or as much as you’d like. This result is achieved through five different types of twitter campaigns.

social media ad analytics
social media ad analytics

Your Ad Targeting Options with Twitter are:

  • Keywords – Act on signals of intent by delivering messages to users based on what they have recently tweeted or engaged within tweets.
  • Tailored Audience – Use your CRM lists to reach groups of users on Twitter.
  • Follower – Target the followers of relevant accounts and handles to reach people who would be interested in your content.
  • Demographic – Target based on location, gender, device, and language.
  • Behavior – Reach high-intent audience on twitter based on shopping and spending patterns.
social media ad analytics

Bing Ads

Microsoft Ads campaigns, formally known as Bing Ads, offers more granular control at the campaign and ad group levels, with less competition and cheaper CPC’s. When you run ads on Microsoft Ads, you are able to reach 63 million users that are not reached using Google Ads.

search ads performance
search ads performance