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PPC (Pay-Per-Click)/Digital Advertising/Google Ads. No matter what you call it paying for website traffic is a popular tool to increase one’s business reach and promote products/services in such a way to grow their brand and influence their sales.

Digital Advertising can be a scary monster under the pile of other tasks you have to complete for your business. Believe it or not, it takes consistent monitoring to ensure they don’t stray away from your focus. This is the perfect reason to delegate and hire Momentum3 Growth since we are known for our digital advertising campaigns. We cannot wait to work with you to get your brand discovered!

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Pros and Cons of Digital Ads on Various Platforms:


  • Target exact keywords on Google.
  • Can do text or display ads for various audiences.
  • Can target using the Google network beyond just Google searches.
  • Oldest and the most robust.


  • Expensive Platform (but less than LinkedIn).
  • Most complicated setup and maintenance.
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  • Great for general demographics (i.e. Women 30-60,  Men in Tulsa between 18-25).
  • Offers retargeting and email list targeting.
  • Great for targeting consumers.


  • Can’t always target a page’s followers (unlike Twitter).
  • Not as good at targeting a complex demographic/interest group or for B2B advertising
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  • Can target people who subscribe to exact twitter handles.
  • Fairly inexpensive, especially for video views, but including normal tweets and pictures and tweets.


  • Limited messaging (must be within a tweet)
Digital Ad Pricing


  • Go directly after companies, positions (CIO’s, Accounting Managers, Chefs, etc.), company size and more.
  • LinkedIn Ads offer great B2B targeting


  • Most Expensive platform
Digital Ad Pricing

How Does Digital Advertising Work?

Digital Advertising is a multi-step process. It begins by looking at your brand and identifying ways to make consumers stop and take a second look. People interested in your product/service usually fall into a different layer almost like a funnel. Consider when you go to the electronics store: The first time you go, you may just be looking around at your options. You return a few days later and really evaluate the ones that stood out to you the most. You go home and weigh the pros and cons that you picked out while there today and then when you return tomorrow, you pick your model and take it home. Consider this example when trying to understand the Customer Journey:


Awareness is where customers learn about your brand. They are at the top of the funnel looking for a product or service. Now they know that your brand exists.


Evaluation is the middle of the funnel where prospective customers begin contemplating making a purchase or signing up for your service.


Conversion is the bottom of the funnel. It is the ultimate goal where people take action & buy your product/service.

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If you are looking for an agency that offers honest, transparent pricing – without the scare of being “held hostage” under a term contract, we are happy to inform these are two top quality points of why we aren’t your typical digital marketing agency!

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