Social Media Marketing For Increased Brand Awareness

The potential social media marketing offers to company growth is infinite. Through captivating visuals, strategic content and consistent posting, building your online presence on social media can be a time-consuming process. Partnering with our professionals we will craft your social media marketing plan that will increase followers and engagement on every platform, so you can focus on your internal business needs. Not all social media platforms are created equally but using a combination of a few of them is great practice for brand awareness.

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Social Media Content

With BILLIONS on users and Millions on company’s using social media, you will want your content to be engaging and informative. Don’t think content strategy stops at posting, make sure you are engaging with your followers through comments too!

Social Media Graphics

The digital world is a visual world. Creating eye catching graphics or photos will stop a user in their scrolling and increase likelihood of engagement! Don’t fool yourself, in digital world is vein, the more creative your visuals are the more success you will have.

Social Media Advertising

Wanting to reach a large amount of followers in short amount of time? Put a dollar figure on it and craft some custom ads that will get your page the traffic you want to see. Ads allow you to target specific audience types, locations and, even job titles.

Winning Social Media Marketing Process


First thing, we need a baseline. We analyze your current social media page analytics. Study how you have been posting and how you engage with your followers. Don’t have a social media account set up yet? No problem! That makes the baseline discovery easy!


Here is where we want to know your why and how. Why are you wanting to use social media? How are you hoping followers will interact with your page? The marketing strategy developed for someone who is trying to get direct sales from Facebook versus someone who is wanting to get people into their physical storefront will be vastly different. We will break down the details to understand exactly what you want out of social media marketing.


Your audience personas are very important to understand. By specifically defining your ideal follower/customer, we can successfully craft a content strategy and proper hashtags to use to attract your target audience.


Time to make sure you are on the right platforms to increase awareness! After getting to know your audience, we will better understand the right social platform and posting schedule for your business. Each platform has unique users and unique peak times. In an example, LinkedIn is made specifically for business connections, if you are in a company who is in a consumer market, chances are LinkedIn will not be the place that you will get a lot of leads.


After we understand all about your business and your social media goals, we will intensely study your competition. Through understanding your competition, we will be able to design content that surpasses their strategy.

Winning Social Media Marketing Process


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