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Why We Partnered With iStart

Different. Better. Unique. Successful.

Helping the  Next Great Entrepreneurs Rev Up in Oklahoma

iStart is a non-profit organization focused on the growth of Oklahoma’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by offering robust business consulting services and business incubator for STEM and Arts businesses. Though our partnership we will help provide education, mentorships and fundraising opportunities for early-stage, growth driven companies in Oklahoma. By supporting Oklahoma entrepreneurs, iStart and Momentum3 Growth will become a leader in the development of Oklahoma based businesses.

  • Easy Application Process
  • Specialized Meeting Plan to Produce Growth
  • 1 on 1 with Successful Business Leaders
  • $1500 in Momentum3 Services
  • Use of Office Space and Conference Rooms
  • “Group Therapy” Sessions
  • Access to Investors
  • We are Looking for ALL Ideas

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Tulsa Startup Incubator and Accelerator for Entrepreneurs

We are helping make business ideas come to life in the Tulsa area. The iStart Business Incubator will surround you with business leaders and industry professionals who know what it takes to rev up your business. Leaders who have taken companies from startups to the Inc. 500.  Your mentor will work with you, using agile marketing techniques, to launch your business at lightning speed. We aim to help refine that product and idea into a financial success. There is a reason iStart is the Premier Tulsa Business Incubator/Accelerator for Entrepreneurs.


iStart accepts businesses that are highly scalable and individualized.  Once accepted into the Business Incubator, we will have multiple individual mentor sessions over the course of 4 months. You will learn an array of business areas in one-on-one and class sessions so you feel confident to run your business, and you know what direction to go. We also have roundtable sessions where we work on the challenges of your business and help you solve them.  To help iStart Business Incubators, we are offering $1,500 worth of free Momentum3 Growth services, office space and a forever contact with Momentum3 Growth.

Business Mentorship Program

Momentum3Growth ’s traditional offering was helping founder operated companies that already had revenue but are looking to scale with services like technologywebsite, and app developmentsocial media marketingdigital advertisingsearch engine optimization, accounting, office help, legal and COO type services.  Basically the “Amazon” of business services for entrepreneurs.

iStart Business Incubator is focused on new pre-revenue or small revenue businesses (and ideas) as well as small businesses looking to launch new areas of their company.  iStart is looking for individuals with ideas and drive to grow quickly.  If you have the commitment then we believe we have a high likelihood of success by working with you.    So if you’re passionate, don’t wait any longer to apply.

The premier choice for a Tulsa Startup Incubator for entrepreneurs.

Apply today!

Proud member of the Business Incubator Association of Oklahoma
Tulsa Startup Incubator

Visit iStart and move towards your goal of growth, market share, and profitability!

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