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Tulsa Startup Incubator Done Right

Tulsa Startup Series for Oklahoma Entrepreneurs.
Guiding you with these benefits to grow your business.

Easy Application Process

STEP 1: Go to the Application page, fill out the form (it will probably take you 5-10 minutes), and press the “Submit Application” button.
STEP 2: Dependent upon where in the application process we are, we will email you questions. This might be within the hour, or it might be a month later. The intent is to start a light email conversation and learn more about you and your opportunity before the next step. We also might skip emailing and go straight to an in-person meeting.
STEP 3: If we are interested in learning more about your idea, you will be invited to our facility for a private discussion with the Momentum3Growth team.  It essentially acts as a free consultation so even if you’re not sure if you can get into the program, learning why could be very valuable to your business at this stage. The earlier you apply, quicker we can get you in – so apply now.
STEP 4: Within the following 1-3 weeks, our team will decide whether you will be invited to pitch to us as well as some of our mentors and partners.    If you have seen “Shark Tank”, this will be similar.  You will have 5-10 minutes to pitch your ideas and then about a 10-20 minute Q&A.  We’re not required to take any particular amount of companies – so we choose the startups solely based on how great of a fit they are, not arbitrary numbers.   Some may skip this step entirely based on their initial interview and the portfolio we are trying to build and may immediately be offered a spot in the incubator.
STEP 5: Within a week of the presentation, you find out if you got in or not. If it’s a ‘no’, we’ll provide feedback. If it’s a ‘yes’, then you will need to form an LLC with a mutually agreed operating agreement.   If you already have a company then we will need to make a few changes to your operating agreement that we will discuss which most importantly will issue us 5% in exchange for the benefits of our incubator. You’ll have approximately a week to look at the operating agreement and make sure everything looks good and to get the appropriate changes made.
STEP 6:  Begin the Program with top Tulsa Startup Incubator!

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Scheduled meeting times to grow your company

The 4-month schedule for the Tulsa Startup Incubator will look like this:
Month 1 only
Batch Kickoff meeting
Sponsored Meet and Greet with Momentum3Growth and Mentors meeting the new batch
(2) Scheduled Mentor sessions (one with each of your mentors)
(1) Meeting with Momentum3Growth (M3Growth mentoring session)
(1) Optional meeting to discuss a specific area of business (online marketing, finance, legal, etc.)
(1) Optional informal batch get together
Months 2-4
(2) Scheduled Mentor sessions (one with each of your mentors)
(1) Meeting with Momentum3Growth (M3Growth mentoring session)
(1) Tulsa area business professional presentation or (1) Optional meeting to discuss a specific area of business (online marketing, finance, legal, etc.)
(1) Optional informal batch get together

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1 on 1 Consultations with Successful Entrepreneurs and business community leaders

All of our startups will meet with true entrepreneurial professionals and Tulsa business leaders and actually get the experience of being mentored by them. Your interaction with these mentors is a 1 on 1 experience and NOT just listening to them speak to a large group of people. Your startup needs fuel to grow and by making it a personal relationship with your mentors it will be as energy added in every meeting.  This is an incredibly easy way to increase your network as you are also building your knowledge base.

Our 1 on 1 meetings are always highly relevant to your business. This is how you really can truly understand the real-world business experience our mentors have. This is also a great accountability tool to make sure progress is being made. All meetings are custom designed for your specific team.

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$1500 in Momentum3Growth Services

Yes, that’s right…try to find this with another Tulsa Startup Incubator!  This goes beyond consultation or discussion but actually accomplishing tasks off of your to-do list.
Beginning at the 6-month mark, You will be given a $1500 credit for Momentum3Growth Services to use as you see fit.   Need Quickbooks setup? We can do it for you! How about a website launched? We can also make sure your website is set for search engine optimization.  Maybe some additional business consulting or legal help?    Access to someone to write an IOS or Android app?   Maybe you need some social media content or advertising?   Whatever you need, we can help.   These are the same services our “normal” customers pay for, but you will get a bank of dollars to use as you see fit.
You will also have full access and discounted rates to a full line of external partners that we use.

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Group Therapy (Round-table)

Our “Group Therapy” sessions are a MUST!  These are times when the teams get together and brainstorm, vent, ask questions and have a drink.  Building a startup is not easy.  You will have days when you NEED OTHERS to help jumpstart your passion or get fresh ideas and perspectives.  In these sessions, we lean on each other for the support and knowledge.  We are different. Our passion is to bring the right people together so you can reach your goal.  These sessions are a huge piece of the puzzle to get you to the finish line.
I think Henry Ford got it right when he said, “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.”
We are all working together for one goal.  The startup process is different for each team, but the ultimate goal for each is GROWTH. We are all here to make each other think deeper, to ask questions that we wouldn’t have thought of on our own, and to work together so that we will see each other create a successful business for the future.

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Access to Momentum3 Founders

Momentum3 has founder experience in Venture Capital funding, crowdsource funding, strategic buyer negotiation, stock options, massive growth!   Our founders have vast experience in many different industries and have sold for companies for millions of dollars but we also have companies in every part of the spectrum that we are running currently from early startup to mature. We are here to share that knowledge with you.

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Access To Investors

When you partner with our incubator team, you will have access to our network of investors, banking partners, and crowd-sourced funding tools.  However, funding needs are usually down the road as you should have enough “sweat” available and knowledge to make the minimum viable product (MVP) without institutional funding sources.  It’s important to be able to pull off the MVP without the need for funding. Once the first (or second or third) round of product/service has been created or implemented then funding becomes easier for the entrepreneur.
OUR PROCESS produces RESULTS. Through our experience as successful fundraisers on both sides of the table, we’re able to help position your company to become invest-able. We can’t guarantee that you will be able to raise capital, but we can guarantee that we increase your likelihood of doing so. This is why we are chosen to be the Tulsa Startup Incubator for entrepreneurs.

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Use of Office Space and Conference Rooms

Need a place to have a client meeting?   How about to demo your product or service?  You can still have your meetings at a coffee shop or use the library to return emails or write proposals, but when you need a little more professionalism– use our space at your convenience.
We are Located in a great location on the Northwest corner of 71st and Yale in Tulsa. 

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Tulsa based to support the Tulsa market

Tulsa based and it’s our home!    Unlike other incubators, we are Tulsa based and our founders are from Tulsa. We are here to help Tulsa and surrounding community residents move mountains!

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You have the ideas we are looking for

We are looking for EVERYONE with an IDEA and a DRIVE to make it grow. We help companies in all areas of business:  Technology, Manufacturing, Retail, Financial, etc. The world needs startups and improvements to EVERY industry. Let’s get Started with yours!  Choose us to be your Tulsa Startup Incubator.

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