Knowing what Social Media Platform to use can be tricky. So, let’s break it down.

With so many ways to digitally connect with your customers, it can get confusing when figuring out what platform is best for your marketing and advertising. Utilizing Instagram ads, Google AdWords, Twitter ads and all other social media platforms can be a great way to showcase your company in everyday operations, announcements, deals/discounts, products, and services. If your company is like M3, you have learned using a combination of different platforms helps get your business booming! Don’t feel like you must use them all to reach your marketing goals, find out what works for you and watch your business rev up! This segment of M3 pack of is going to give some insight into 3 different platforms:

What social media platform is effective forE-commerce businesses? Facebook- It is no surprise that Facebook has the highest number of users than any other social media site. With nearly 2 million monthly active users and the largest demographic of 25-34 year old averaging an annual income of $30,000, Facebook can definitely be helpful in obtaining conversions. Facebook makes it easier than ever for users to purchase your products by saving your posts and ads, even one click purchases. Another great feature Facebook offers to businesses is allowing you to connect with users via Facebook messenger, allowing you to update shipping and other order information.

What platform is best for B2B marketing? LinkedIn- This social media site offers more business minded professionals who are networking to find out how their business can help yours, while also wanting to connecting with businesses that can positively impact theirs. This site makes it easier than other platforms to connect with company decision makers across various industries. LinkedIn offers specialized groups based on industry, job function and career interests, allowing you to easily find who you are trying to market your services to.

What social media site offers the highest search volume for video visibility? YouTube- If your company isn’t making videos to increase traffic, you might consider starting. With YouTube following behind Google in the number of daily searches and its ability to help with SEO (search engine optimization) utilizing videos to showcase your company is the new trending digital marketing. Google ranks YouTube videos and channels based on keywords you choose to optimize those videos, allowing your company to rank on your website and YouTube page. This platform also offers a good range in age demographic, reaching 18-49-year-old patrons. Thus, allowing you to reach a broader target.

Finding out what works for your company will need some A/B testing. You will soon find what combination of platforms will increase your conversion rates. Taking these steps and doing testing can be overwhelming, luckily M3 is here to help. Reach out and let us know how we can help your business reach your marketing goals.