How Neil Patel Makes SEO Strategies Flow

If you are a new SEO professional or a small business owner who just wants to make sure your website is optimized to reach your market, it isn’t easy to know where to go or who to trust when trying to learn the basics. In the realm of SEO and digital marketing, there are hundreds of professionals who claim to know the secret to successful SEO while they are blasting out podcasts, videos and blogs daily about the Do’s and Don’ts of how to rank for this and that. With so many forums out there, it is hard to know who to listen to, because believe it or not there is tons of conflicting advice and information on our lovely world wide web.

Let me be the one to break it to you, there is no one out there who knows it all. The purpose of search engine algorithms (especially Google- the most used search engine) is to be the top delegator, the COO, the man with the mastermind when it comes to website rankings and content relevancy.

The key to successful SEO is utilizing deductive reasoning and testing those reasons to see if they bring positive results.  If there is one man on the web that I go to for research and reasoning it is Neil Patel. His blogs talk about subject ranging from conversion rate optimization, entrepreneurship, paid ads and good ole SEO, just to name a few. Not to mention, he is pretty funny, [occasionally] talks like a sailor and opens your eyes to all things to consider on your website optimization and marketing journey. Seriously, he talks about EVERYTHING marketing related in his blogs.

neil patels blog

See for yourself, Neil Patel’s blog has more than just written blogs. He offers daily podcasts like “What Percent of Your Links Should Point to Your Homepage,” videos like “How to {EASILY} Repurpose & Share Content Across Multiple Platforms” and of course detailed blogs with visuals and excellent insight. If you have a digital marketing question, I can promise you Neil Patel has an answer somewhere in his library of blogs, podcasts, and videos.

There is so much more to offer on Neil Patel’s website than just blogs. Let’s dive into his keyword planner UberSuggest. Last week he launched UberSuggest 2.0! This tool is so powerful when performing keyword research, especially research for Google Ads because it shows you not only monthly search volume, difficulty scores but it also the cost per click rate.

keyword research

The point of keyword research is to experiment with a variety of relevant keywords to be placed in URLs, title tags, header tags, metadata, anchor text and basically everywhere that keywords would be applicable. But don’t get carried away. It is NOT okay in the eyes of search engines to get carried away with keyword stuffing. You know, it’s like dating; when you first meet someone you like, you want to text them just enough times to let them know you are interested. What you DON’T want to do is show them your interest by texting them 35 times in 1 hour!  Let me put it to you straight, keyword stuffing = stalker status, and if Google sees this there will be ranking consequences.

When considering what your keywords will be, you want to choose a keyword that has a low difficulty score. If you are a dog groomer, the keyword “dog groomer” is incredibly competitive and it would be difficult to rank ahead of big competitors like PetSmart and Petco. Neil provides keyword ideas, based on your searched term.

Here is a trick of the trade, if you are a local dog groomer, in this case, using your location as part of your keyword is a great idea to help personalize the keyword to the consumers you want to reach. “Dog Grooming” alone is competing with all dog groomers that have websites in the world. Simply by adding “Tulsa Dog Grooming” you have knocked out a LARGE amount of competition.

There are so many website optimization techniques. Testing keywords and placing them in the proper locations is just one.  

I know you’re wondering how do you know if you have keywords in the right spot? This is where a technical SEO audit comes into play. To me, the word “audit” has a bad connotation. In reality, though, audits happen to point out problems so they can be fixed for the better of the business. If you are wanting your website to shine in the eyes of the search engine, you have to get down to the nitty-gritty. Presenting the SEO Analyzer!

This is probably the simplest free SEO analyzer out there. You do not have to be an SEO guru to understand the results. Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing SEO analyzers out there. Remember the Moz edition from last week? Also, we at Momentum3 Growth have one that we deliver to your email in just a couple days, but Neil’s SEO analyzer is fast and brings up the basics, so it is a good place to start.

The report starts off with a grading score and moves into what your website looks like on a desktop, tablet, and phone. We all know how vital mobile readiness is, and if you don’t know let me be the one to tell you! IT’S IMPORTANT! Then we get down to the page level analysis, showing you errors with your website, warnings and things that you did that were spot on!

This section shows you heading tag issues, dynamic URL found, metadata problems, missing alt text on media, and anything that is not being followed by search engine robots. This report, that is generated in less than 30 seconds usually, even gives you a backlink counter! Backlinks alone have a HUGE impact on organic rankings. The more other websites refer to your website, the more you impress Google with your mad networking skills.

Believe it or not, I have only talked about half of what the report shows, we still have Keyword Analysis, Page Level SEO Recommendations, Page Level Speed Test and Recommendations all to review, take into consideration and fix the problems so you can check off the long list of SEO techniques.

Another resource has been broken down and another blog is coming to an end. Let me tell you a little secret…there is more to Neil Patel’s website than what I have covered.

I challenge you to jump right in, explore his website and be enlightened to the free tools he offers users (anyone with posts or blogs should look into his FREE subscribers plugin!) because he wants to support marketers on our quest to support business and support business with tools that are easy to use without a marketing degree.

I don’t like to toot the Momentum3 Growth horn, but that is one way Neil and the M3 crew are related. We not only work on our client’s websites and produce effective marketing tactics to increase profits, but we train and mentor business owners on how to manage these efforts themselves. Business support is what we do to keep the workforce alive and well. Contact us for a consultation on services or submit for a free website analysis.