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Momentum3 is a technology driven company who excels at creating custom solutions in commercial software and providing current technology consulting. A natural progression from commercial software to how to market the software led to a need for expertise in website design and digital marketing for both us and our clients. As a result of developing a core competency in digital marketing, we have introduced a new branch of our company, Momentum3 Growth. Whereas, the focus at M3 is commercial software and applications, M3 Growth’s focus lies in small businesses and startups.

At Momentum3 Growth, we want to be the “” for small business services. When it comes to small business growth, not everyone has the skills or resources to do it all by themselves. That’s where we come in. Our professionals can develop your website, while optimizing SEO to rank in search engines (you have to be seen in order to blossom into your businesses full potential), and provide a full spectrum of digital marketing as well as help with other services like accounting, HR, administration, and legal (reviewing and creating contracts, etc.)

Forbes named Tulsa the #1 city for young entrepreneurs. That is AMAZING! With that said, we are so excited to have our Startup Incubator in full swing. Allowing entrepreneurs to take their passion and start their dream business, whatever the idea. Our incubator program offers mentorships, guidance, office space, even free M3-Growth service to help rev your business and launch it into its highest potential.

We couldn’t be more excited about the new branch of Momentum3. Small business support and solutions offer fulfillment for your business. Let us help you develop your company into something bigger than you’ve imagined!