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What’s Wrong with your Website? Free website and SEO analysis

FREE Website Performance, Compliance and SEO Analysis


Site speed is critical to both organic google ranking and more importantly, user experience. We will let you know the areas of improvement to increase site speed.


The majority of website traffic is mobile, with some sites seeing greater than 90% of their traffic via mobile. We will verify you are mobile friendly and meet web security protocols.


Looking to improve your search ranking? Then you need SEO, and the first step is correcting your technical SEO errors. We will tell you what the errors are as well as suggestions on fixing them.

We will run up to ten different website tests on your website, our digital engineers will personally analyze the data from each test and then provide you a comprehensive report of problem areas and how to correct them all for the low price of $0, zilch, nada, nothing…Free!

Free? Yes Free, the report will be sent to your email in 1-3 business days.

1-3 business days? Why so long? We set up the tools to run against your website, then we have our digital engineers interpret the information and provide feedback.    These are actual Momentum3 employees doing this work who take their time to do it.

20% of the businesses should NOT get this report. See below if you are in the 80%

Forbes estimated that 1 in 10 businesses effectively use their website and social media to market their product/service.

Momentum3 Growth’s personal experience with business owners has shown us that another 10% don’t care about marketing via website/social. We talked to a potential client recently and they stated that their site wasn’t mobile friendly but it wasn’t a big concern to them (name withheld to protect the guilty – and the site wasn’t even viewable on a mobile device – about as mobile unfriendly as you can get).

This service is not for those 20%. So if you fall in one of the above categories, return to your thriving business that has mastered online marketing, or, watching funny cat videos on YouTube.

Ok, so now we have the remaining 80%. Glad you have are here. Just fill out our easy form get your report. Notice – we didn’t ask for your phone number, so no sales calls from us! We know that once you see the report, you can decide if you want to make the improvements or you need help or advice, and you know where to find us.

Get moving towards your goal of growth, market share, and profitability!

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